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Redefining CS Placement


Steerable Decapolar Mapping Catheter

Triguy? SinusFlex? decapolar catheter with the patented spatial curve for easy access to Coronary Sinus Ostium (CSO) offers effective and reliable CS mapping. It significantly simplifies CS catheter placement, especially dealing with anatomical variations.


- Patented spatial curve makes it easier to access to CSO

- Smooth transition between electrodes and catheter provides superb quality signal

- Various stiffness design provides a good balance of safety and support

- Stainless steel braided structure offers excellent pushability and torqueability

- Suitable for femoral vein approach, reduces the radiation exposure to physicians and avoids complication inducing by SVC approaching

- More curve choices: MPD-S, MPD-SL, MPD-G, MPD-CS-S, MPD-CS-M,MPD-CS-L

Product Codes

REF. French size Spacing Length (mm) Curve
901654 5F 2-5-2 1100 MPD-G
901656 5F 2-5-2 1100 MPD-S
901707 5F 2-5-2 1100 MPD-SL
900280 5F 2-5-2 1100 MPD-CS-M
900281 5F 2-5-2 1100 MPD-CS-L
901664 6F 2-5-2 1100 MPD-G
901666 6F 2-5-2 1100 MPD-S
903103 6F 2-5-2 1100 MPD-CS-M
903104 6F 2-5-2 1100 MPD-CS-L
903112 6F 2-5-2 1100 MPD-SL

SinusFlex? decapolar catheter - Redefining CS placement

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